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Power Plate Training

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Optimal workout in 10 minutes…

...Many people often lack the time or the muse for a 90 minute workout on exercise machines. The Power Plate is the perfect workout solution for you to effectively and quickly get your body back into shape. The versatility and effects of the Power Plate includes precisely tailored training programs for each target group, from beginner to professional athlete and consists of strength, agility, massage and relaxation exercises. As a licensed Power Plate coach, I can help you to achieve fast results with vibration training in very little time.

What is Power Plate training?…

...Power Plate uses the principle of acceleration technology in which repeated reflexes are triggered in the muscle. The acceleration taking place is multi-dimensional. Depending on the frequency of exercises up to 2400 training contractions per minute are possible. With the Power Plate training almost 100% of muscle fibers are activated. Vibration training always causes a total body workout. Mechanical vibrations cause reflexes throughout the entire body. Exercise intensity is controlled by the frequency, the amplitude and the timing, but is also strongly influenced by the posture and muscle tension.

The key advantage of the Power Plate training is that both weight training and relaxation exercises can be completed on the vibrating plate. During relaxation training the natural reflexes of the body are used to loosen up the muscles and therefore provides a pleasant feeling.

 The vibrations on the Power Plate, if used correctly and under supervision of an experienced and well-trained coach, are harmless for a healthy person, since the training frequencies are outside of the body's own frequency.

The positive effects on the Power Plate are diverse…

...The main effects of continuous vibration training are evident and show an increase in muscle strength and flexibility and toning of the body. It has an effect on specific problem areas and also provides anti-cellulite exercises and has a proven positive impact on health by stabilizing the core muscles in the spine and causes a high degree of relaxation of these muscles after the exercise. Positive effects are quickly visible and also ideal for weight reduction, because at first, you experience a relatively rapid increase in strength, while hardly gaining a lot of muscle mass all the while you are boosting your metabolism and thus the metabolic rate is increased. Furthermore, the training is very easy on the joints.

For whom the training is suitable…

... The Power Plate training is appropriate for any target group in sport, fitness and health training, as the possibilities are numerous. It is being used in the preventive, therapeutic, amateur and professional sports training field.

I will guide you to your personal success with Power Plate training!

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