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TRX Suspension Training

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The training system for the whole body…

...TRX - Suspension Training is a new and complete body workout from the United States that is well suited for beginners as well as advanced users and professional athletes, and brings a lot of fun. Functional training is already a trend and it is getting bigger and bigger. With TRX Suspension Training you are working with your own body weight against gravity. The challenge lies in the movement itself while you are in an unstable body position. That way, power, coordination, balance, stability and endurance are equally exercised. As a licensed TRX trainer I will help you and support you to achieve your goals in a short time. You will quickly see results with TRX Suspension Training.

Functional training at the highest level…

...The TRX Suspension Trainer is by far the best equipment in the functional training field, its versatility and the large selection of exercises make it such a valuable tool. The really special thing about TRX is that it can be used by almost anybody, at any place and for almost any goal. The training intensity can be adjusted individually and continuously at all levels. Thus, it provides a challenging workout for beginners as well as fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. TRX Suspension Training can be a very good exercise to include elements from Pilates, weight training and physical therapy.

Through and through fit with TRX Training

Your body will adapt quickly and you will see visible effects in a very short time. The most important training effects include an increased power capability, coordination, flexibility, core stability and rotational strength. Due to the instability the deep muscles are particularly enabled but also the entire core muscles (abdominal and lower back muscles). They are highly stressed and will respond immediately to the exercises. While the TRX training activates many muscle groups simultaneously, a few exercises will make the entire body strong quickly!

I offer the TRX Suspension Training both for personal training, but also for partner and small group training.

I will guide you with the TRX Suspension Training to go beyond your limits!

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