Stärkung des Herz-Kreislauf- und Immunsystems, Kräftigung des Rückens

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Ihr Personal Trainer in Wiesbaden, Mainz und in Frankfurt am Main.

Well into the future…

...You want to do something positive for your health? Hey Personal Training can help you! Hey health training combined with personal training is aimed to promote health, maintain it or restore it. The focus of my health-oriented training is to improve the cardiovascular system, strengthen the immune system, strengthening the spine and the spinal stabilizing muscles.

Weaken or strengthen…

...The specially developed health policies and the related preventive-oriented fitness training leads to, among other health supplements, and to remedy individual weaknesses. Physical inactivity is actively counteracted, minimizing risk factors and protective factors built up, which makes for a long and healthy life.

For a strong back…

...Hey Personal Training provides primary prevention in the form of back exercise. In the back fit concept is about to optimize their own body awareness, thereby control the movement and better posture and correct it.

My back courses are recognized as a preventive action in accordance with § 20 SGB V on the statutory health insurance. The cooperating with me (among others) the following insurance: DAK, Barmer GEK, BKK, TK and KKH-Allianz.

Your goal. My plan. Our success!

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