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Golf fitness

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Fit and symptom-free golf…

...Physical fitness and concentration of a golfer are crucial for a successful golf performance. The training program of Hey Personal Training for golfers aims to release the full physical potential of the golfer while eliminating the individual physical weaknesses, strengthening the entire musculoskeletal system, and also reducing the risk of injury by preventing incorrect movement or reducing overloads.

More security and stability for your golf game…

...Targeted training improves your physical fitness, promotes mental alertness and helps the golfer to produce a more dynamic and more powerful swing. This leads to more power for each additional or left over swing, stabilizing your swing and reaching a greater distance with each swing. Avoid performance gaps or huge performance drops during a long 18-hole game or a long tournament. Permanently improve your score and your handicap and practice your favorite sport for many years to come without any problems.

Get the fitness for the perfect golf swing…

...The golf fitness training strengthens and mobilizes the golf-specific muscles and joints in the torso, shoulders, arms and legs, while improving overall fitness. Using the latest training methods such as functional training and core training, in which you train mostly with your own body weight, free weights, medicine balls, and on unstable ground, you will keep improving the stability and mobility of your trunk, as well as balance and coordination.

Take advantage of the golf fitness training to prepare in the best way possible for the new golf season!

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