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Personal Training in Wiesbaden, Mainz und in Frankfurt am Main.

Fit for everyday life…

...Physical and mental fitness are prerequisites to the everyday stress to which we are exposed to and we need to withstand stresses permanently. People with a good fitness are more powerful and are usually less often sick.

You have decided to lead a more active lifestyle. You want to do something for your body or you have the desire to achieve specific athletic goals, then you have come to the right place because my personal training supports that and will get you there.

Targeted fitness training…

...The workout with me as your personal trainer consists of a comprehensive and motivating power & endurance training, which aims to stabilize and improve your current performance level. It contains a comprehensive exercise program that takes into account the individual performance requirements and physical characteristics of my clients.

Using the latest training methods such as functional training and core training, the training concept includes exercises to strengthen the center of the body and especially the spine-stabilizing muscles. This complex and demanding training focuses not only on the current fitness level, but also on the preferences of my customers.

Your goal. My plan. Our success!

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…3 steps to personal success:

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3…you contacting me as the next step for a noncommittal offer and personal consultation at:
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