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Your goal.
My plan.
Our success!

Personal Training

Your Personal Trainer in Wiesbaden, Mainz and Frankfurt am Main.

Personal Training makes all the difference…

...With my personal training concept I offer customers a complete package, which goes far beyond the usual training and exercise support in the gym. It gives customers extra service:
competent care, excellent customer service, customized to meet the customer’s needs combined with a training atmosphere marked by enthusiasm, a lot of fun and hard work.

Why Personal Training…

...Individual care aimed at busy professionals and business-people, managers, self-employed people, as well as health-oriented people interested in fitness, amateur athletes and professional athletes. Taking care of my clients is temporally and spatially flexible. I will meet my clients wherever they want to. The personal training can be conducted at various places. Ranging from my customer’s homes, workplace, the gym or the countryside.

Group exercise…

Besides offering individual personal training I also offer partner or small group training with 2-4 people, health, training and fitness solutions for corporations and companies of any size, pre-season team training (basketball, handball and soccer), but also training for the juniors.


I offer the following services in the field of individual support:

  • Fitness Concepts: Strength and endurance training for body strengthening and toning.
  • Health Concepts: health check-ups, body analysis / postural and movement analysis, preventive, rehabilitative and medical fitness.
  • Nutritional concepts: weight management, sports nutrition and target group specific diets.
  • Sport Concepts: athletic training and sport-specific training in the form of individual support, group and team training for athletes, competitive and professional athletes (for clubs and teams playing soccer, basketball, tennis and golf)
  • Functional training and core training - TRX, flowin, kettlebell, Sypoba, Xbase, Staby, etc.
  • Jogging / running coaching: Running analysis, performance diagnostics, spirometry
  • Golf fitness: mobilization and strengthening of the trunk, spine and shoulder.
  • Health Management (WHM) and corporate fitness.

My philosophy:
"People need to stay active for life to stay physically and mentally fit."

Individual. Professional. Successful.

My motto:
"Step by Step – make small steps to achieve great success."

This is what Hey personal training stands for:

  • Fun and motivation
  • Passion and dedication
  • Individuality
  • professionalism
  • success
  • quality

Your goal. My plan. Our success!

Every journey begins with a first step. Make this step today!

…3 steps to personal success:

1…you are interested in enhancing your performance with a Personal Trainer   √
2…you have visited my website   √
3…you contacting me as the next step for a noncommittal offer and personal consultation at:
0611-24050591/ 01724811167

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you!