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EMS Training

EMS Training in Wiesbaden, Mainz and Frankfurt am Main.

Reach your goals by the touch of a button…

… this is what you have been dreaming of! With this high-tec exercise machine made by Miha Bodytec you will see tremendous progress in a very little time! Just by exercising one time a week for twenty minutes you will speed up reaching your exercise goals. You will be successful whether it's reducing back-pain, enhancing weight-loss, correcting your posture or building up muscle-mass.

Success in 20 minutes is now possible…

… the daily stress you might be exposed to whether it is because of your job or because of other circumstances doesn't leave you much time to worry much about fitness and health. We understand your desire to change that and we can now offer you the highly effective and truly innovative EMS-Training. It's another highlight in our personal training offers that you should definitely try because it is the best solution to fulfill your desires. 20 minutes weekly are indeed enough to exercise effectively without it being too much for your joints and muscles. It is an approved and certified training system which has been conducted successfully for several years now in the field of rehabilitation, physiotherapy and especially in the training for professional athletes. As a certified EMS-trainer I can support your desire to see quick changes and being successful while exercising. EMS-training can take place at any location that has a power outlet. We will bring the machine to you whether you are at work, at home, at a hotel or at a fitness-studio.

You will be amazed by the quick success!

So what exactly is EMS-Training?…

… this exercise-machine offers you a new way to train your muscles. Your muscles will get stimulated by electrical impulses. Therefore electrodes will be attached to a vest which is worn over special exercise clothing. This kind of exercise will activate about 100% of the muscle-fibers which will have a direct exercise effect on the lower musculature. That is why the exercise effect is drastically better compared to regular exercise-machines. With the help and guidance of an experienced and skilled personal trainer these electrical impulses do not mean any harm to a healthy person because the exercise frequency is different from the body's own frequency. However, before exercising possible contraindications will be examined.

I currently work with the following EMS-Machines:


Exercising with Miha Bodytec machines means that special clothing has to be worn under a vest with electrodes. Straps will be attached to your arms, legs and buttocks. The Miha Bodytec machine I use always performs a full body exercise. The intesity of this exercise and the muscle-contractions it causes can easily be operated and controlled individually via a digital display. This also means problem-areas can be targeted very effectively.


Exercising with Compex machines which are using Mi-technology (Muscle-intelligence-technology) is even more msucle-specific. During the exercise it is possible to pick one muscles for example and cause contractions of this single muscle. Any muscular dysbalance can be reduced. Weaker muscles can really get exercised so that they function better. Furthermore, Compex machines can ease back-pain, tension in the neck-area or reduce pain caused by tennis elbows.

Immediate success with EMS! Test it now!

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