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CHM / corporate fitness in Wiesbaden, Mainz and Frankfurt.

Boost your employees motivation and health at the same time...

... Fitness, health and eating right can take place in your business too. For the success of your business it is crucial to have healthy, motivated and productive employees. This is very important and not to be underestimated. With my corporate fitness plan I can support you as a personal trainer and implement permanent health-oriented training in your business. Your employees will get preventative exercise programs especially designed for them. They aim to strengthen the cardiovascular system and the back muscles in particular, but they also strengthen the entire body.

Hey Personal Training also makes your company fit...

... The health-oriented training with me as your personal trainer provides a comprehensive approach to health promotion and prevention. With simple but effective exercise programs I would like to help your employees to minimize risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes, a lack of exercise. My exercise programs are highly effective to counter that and on top of that they also reduce stress. Your employees are being guided to make the transition from being a little too comfortable to living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Those who demand performance, must promote fitness...

...a recently conducted study in German companies showed that 71% of the workforce would use physical activities, if there only were such offerings. With the variety of sports and fitness activities Hey Personal Training offers, we are in that position to meet the demand that successful companies have.

What health promotion can do for your business…

Benefits for your company:

  • a more polished image and increased reputation of your company in the region through health programs in cooperation with Hey Personal Training
  • Tax savings (§ 8 ESt.G 44, - € / month / employee)
  • Reduction of the financial damage caused by illness and doctor visits
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Reduction of illness-related absenteeism
  • Stronger corporate identification by your employees
  • Acknowledged cooperation of Hey Personal Training with health insurance companies

Benefits for employees:

  • Stress reduction and improved well-being
  • Improved health and a positive attitude
  • Financial benefits through reduced fees

Promote the motivation and health of your employees!
This is how it works…

…3 steps to promote health in your company:

  1. have decided to invest in the health of your employees and thus the future of your company and therefore you want to offer a high-quality approach to prevention.
  2. arrange a noncommittal personal interview with Hey Personal Training and get information on what exactly needs to be implemented in your business so that you exactly know what this means financially.
  3. ...your company informs employees about the fitness and personal training offers, whereupon they will be motivated to participate in exercise programs and participate with joy and pleasure under my guidance.


Primary preventive measures concerning the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system, as well as diets and stress-reducing measures are eligible services to receive subsidies by health insurance companies. (according to § 20 Sozialgesetzbuch V).

According to § 8 Abs. 2 EStG, employers can support the workers financially and offer health-improving measures. The cost of health check-ups for employees or personal training for employees , may be accepted and treated as a business expense by employers. Employees may go up to the monthly limit of € 44 which are tax-exempt and free of social security fees.

According to § 65a (3), the health insurance policy says that measures of health promotion by the employer make both employer and employees eligible to receive bonuses.

I would be very glad to make you an offer for health promotion for you and your employees in order increase their performance as this is both of our goals.

Your goal. My plan. Our success!

Contact me for a noncommittal offer and personal consultation at:

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I’m looking forward to hearing back from you!