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Individual and sport-specific training for the long-term success in athletics…

…Physical performance and mental strength of an athlete is one of the crucial factors for a successful competition and long-term athletic success. Professional athletes are specifically prepared for up-coming stresses or demanding seasons filled with competitions which require specific training, based on the latest scientific findings. The training objective is to improve the interaction of the muscle groups significantly to perfect each movement and to build up muscles targeted to achieve an optimal level of energy for the sport-specific competition. All of this is planned in order to achieve the best results and to ensure adequate regeneration and at the same time to minimize risk of injury.

Das Trainingsziel ist es, das Zusammenspiel der Muskelgruppen deutlich zu verbessern, die Bewegungsabläufe zu perfektionieren, Muskulatur gezielt aufzubauen und ein optimales Maß an Energie für den Wettkampf der entsprechenden Disziplin zu erreichen um bestmögliche Ergebnisse zu erzielen sowie eine angemessene Regeneration zu gewährleisten und gleichzeitig das Verletzungsrisiko zu minimieren.

Power needs control…

…Performance diagnostics is an important part of professional sports care. The use of professional testing methods allow an analysis of accurate data about the current performance state of an athlete.

The performance analysis is the basis for determining the individual training zones, which allows me to create an optimal training schedule. In order to achieve mid and long term goals in the desired sport and not just exercise goals, we not only need a perfectly balanced workout, but also systematic planning and control by regularly re-testing and displaying, processing and interpreting the data recorded and a continuous adaptation and revision of the training.

Your goal. My plan. Our success!

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